Official statement of the CEO of Anna Sposa Group

Official statement of the CEO of Anna Sposa Group

Recently, we have been receiving more and more concerned messages from clients around the world regarding cooperation in case of a possible escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine. We do understand that ain light of recent events, which are broadcasted daily by the leading media, it is difficult not to panic.

We share your concerns, so we are writing an official statement to you. Anna Sposa Group is currently running in normal mode. We continue taking and fulfilling your orders, as well as working on new collections. We assure you that in any case, Anna Sposa Group guarantees all customers full satisfaction of its obligations.

We understand your concern about the current situation, but we urge you to remain calm. Also, for any questions – please contact our official mail info@annasposagroup.com.

 CEO Anna Sposa Group
Petro Yurko