One of the strategic priorities of our activities is to expand our worldwide presence.
After all, we want every bride to be able to easily find her perfect wedding dress from Anna Sposa Group in the salons of her hometown. We are committed to an honest and mutually beneficial partnership, therefore, we offer various models of cooperation.
Minimum order quantity
For small salons or salons that are not yet familiar with the quality of our wedding dresses and want to make a trial order. From 3 dresses (collection or non-collection). But our experience suggests that you won`t purchase less than 5 units.
Permanent partnership
For multi-brand and chain salons - from 10 collection dresses per month with priority of order fulfilment and additional marketing support from Anna Sposa Group.
Exclusive representation
We also provide an official right to become our exclusive representative in a certain territory with additional favorable conditions.
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What do we guarantee regardless of your chosen model of cooperation?
  1. Current assortment. Rapid update of the lineup (up to 6 new products weekly). This allows you to choose the trendiest wedding dresses for brides in your city.
  2. High quality. Without exception, all dresses are created and decorated manually in compliance with the highest quality requirements.
  3. Fair price. We set fair prices, taking into account the price of materials and decor. Therefore, wedding dresses of different price ranges, from a class of very sophisticated to more affordable dresses are presented in our collections.
  4. Convenient delivery. We deliver worldwide, you only choose the best delivery method and service.
  5. The ability to make individual changes to the order. Replacing materials or decoration, sewing by individual measurements, etc.
Non-profit partnership

We are also pleased to consider the possibility of cooperation with the media, non-profit organizations and public persons who bring to the world the idea of the beauty of wedding fashion in Ukraine and the world.

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