One more collection in the style of minimalism – Episode by Anna Sposa Group

One more collection in the style of minimalism – Episode by Anna Sposa Group

In April 2021, Anna Sposa Group will release the new Episode Collection in the style of minimalism.

Every woman goes through certain stages and metamorphoses during her life. These changes come from the inside ans we ll as outside. The way she feels, the way she looks, the way she expresses herself.

The ability to change is a distinctive feature of a real woman. That’s why we decided to create a collection to show  the story of changes from beginning to end.

The 1st period: fairy-tale girl, dream girl.

The look embodies love, lightness and tenderness. She is young, which is why she is dreamy and even a bit naive. Her feelings are like in a real fairy tale, so the look emits romantic mood.

The 2nd period: lady-like.

She is motivated and full of confidence and faith in what she wants. She makes deliberate decisions, guided by conscious choices. She can easily adjust her look to her everyday wardrobe and clothes. Dress models of this period demonstrate sophistication and elegance emphasizing the figure.

The 3rd period: the queen.

A woman who knows who she is, is self-realized, knows her price, and boldly emphasizes her appearance with elements of luxury.

This collection embodies three episodes in a woman’s life. All different, but equally beautiful. The collection will be gradually replenished with new looks – just as the mood and feelings of every woman are changing constantly.