Mission and Values

Every day we work to inspire brides from around the world to find their perfect wedding dresses as quickly as possible.
Our values
The uniqueness of each bride
The uniqueness of each bride. We recognize and respect the unique taste of each woman, which is why our dresses are so different and so unique! We have been and remain one of the few who passionately fulfill the brides' individual orders, bringing to life their wildest designs.
Team and team spirit
We believe that the key to success is a true love for your business. We are proud that we have succeeded in gathering like-minded professionals who are engaged in a daily affair with genuine enthusiasm.
All our partners
We know that love has no boundaries, that is why we build honest and open relationships with retailers around the world! Above all, we strive for all of our partners to have a prosperous business. And so that every bride in any country can easily find her only wedding dress from Anna Sposa Group.

Our principles
Beauty and convenience
We believe that beauty can be comfortable and we never compromise. With this approach, every time we manage to create extremely comfortable perfect personas! In life, our dresses are even more beautiful than in the photo, and make you fall for them at first sight!
Nothing inspires us more than the glittering eyes of happy brides who have already met their only wedding dress. This endless source of inspiration allows us to create several new masterpieces each week in the workshops.
Unending search for the perfect
We do not limit our self with achieved results. Striving to constantly improve, we set new goals, look for fundamentally different approaches, and bring to life ambitious ideas, to always meet the high requirements of our brides.