Wedding dresses by Anna Sposa Group: what makes our dresses special

Wedding dresses by Anna Sposa Group: what makes our dresses special

What makes our dresses special? One of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Those who ask this usually have never seen our dresses live. As anyone who has seen them knows for sure their benefits! We are ready to answer this question, revealing our secrets.

We believe that beauty can and should be comfortable, and we always pay a lot of attention to production technology, cut improvement, selection of materials and, of course, details.

Before starting to create new models for a particular region, we always study the local demand and features of the typical figure of girls in this region. After all, it is so important to know what silhouettes and styles of wedding dresses future brides do like, what decor and lace they prefer. In turn, studying body geometry allows us to adjust corsets in length, waist height, hip circumference as well as sleeve length, so that wedding dresses by Anna Sposa Group always have perfect fit and emphasize the figure.

Also in many dresses we use removable cups, which are hand-processed with silicone or the most delicate fabric. These cups hold shape perfectly, do not stand out visually, and are body-conscious. They can be easily replaced if necessary with larger or smaller ones.

Another important detail that makes our corset dresses perfect is the use of special silicone underwires. Due to their extraordinary flexibility, they fully take on the shape of the body, without standing out or breaking. The corset makes the chest lines more clear, but makes them looks extremely natural. Also, when decorating all, without any exception, of our Anna Sposa Group wedding dresses, a special monofilament is used, which provides incredibly soft contact with the skin, because it does not rub and leaves no traces or irritation.

In addition, we pay special attention to the quality of inner fabric that is in direct contact with the body. After all, we are convinced that a wedding dress should be not only look perfect, but also be comfortable. Therefore, we carefully select and test materials, focusing on natural, hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics. So that every bride, once trying on a wedding dress by AnnnaSposaGroup, truly fell in love with it, from the very first time, and this made the beginning of her personal story of happiness.

Check out the catalogs of the wedding dresses collections by Anna Sposa Group. We are sure that here you will find the perfect wedding dress you were looking for.