Opening of an additional production line in Europe

Opening of an additional production line in Europe

In March 2022, we have already announced the opening of an additional production line of Anna Sposa Group in Europe Group. As promised, we keep you informed.

The decision was made after the full-scale russian invasion of our country  to ensure the smooth operation of the company, timely order execution and speed up logistics processes. At the moment we are talking not about full existing facilities relocation but opening an additional production unit. Thus, we will be able not only to significantly speed up all processes, but also to create additional jobs, support Ukraine’s economy in order to approach our victory!

The first stage of preparation is coming to an end by far. Most legal issues have already been resolved. We have facility in Lodz, Poland, where repair work is almost finished and furniture is being purchased.

The next stage is the purchase of all necessary production equipment and providing the production with materials for sewing wedding dresses. At the same time,  we begin recruitment process, so that  team will be formed and production processes will be set up.

“As we have always pointed out, our greatest values are our team and our partners. It is the professionalism and dedication of our employees that helped us to withstand the challenges of time and continue to work. – says the CEO and owner of Anna Sposa Group, Petro Yurko. We understand that it takes time to build the team, so we are already starting to recruit.”

To date, Anna Sposa Group in Lodz has the following vacancies open.:

We, as company, guarantee  all employees hired a competitive salary by European standards and housing.. 

Preference for employment is provided to internally displaced citizens from Ukraine. Experience in the field of wedding fashion will be a significant advantage in employment.

All applicants for the above-mentioned vacancies must complete a short form at the link:


 After receiving information about the candidate, we contact applicatns independently, answer questions and register for an interview. Also in case of any questions regarding the opening of an additional production line in Łódz, please send them to the official e-mail adress of the company info@annasposagroup.com