Top 5 Most Common Mistakes That Affect Sales Every Wedding Salon Owner Makes

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes That Affect Sales Every Wedding Salon Owner Makes

We have been working with wedding salons and boutiques all over the world for a long time. That is more than 200 salons in 27 countries. Salons often ask for our assistance in assortment planning and we always give our recommendations, offer individual changes to models, release limited collections of wedding dresses focusing on local demand.

The experience we gained working with salons allows us to single out five typical mistakes their owners and managers make and which often negatively affect sales.

The first and most common mistake is choosing wedding dresses assortment presented in the salon basing on the owner’s own preferences and tastes.

Tip: research the real demand in your market, communicate with brides and find out their real needs, conduct social media polls, analyze your competitors. Use every opportunity to get information about what your potential consumers really want. We are sure that you will definitely find that niche that has not yet been occupied by anyone.

The second misconception we usually face is focusing on just one manufacturer. It should be understood that all brands of wedding dresses have their own style, quality and, most importantly, their fit. With a wide selection of brands available you can always choose the perfect outfit for the bride that suits her not only in style, but also in fit.

Tip: Ensure that at least 5-7 brands of different manufacturers are represented in your salon. Keep an eye on the bridal fashion market and don’t be afraid to find new suppliers.

The third mistake is lack of marketing activity. Salons often think that brides will find them themselves without ensuring a sufficient presence in the information environment.

Tip: use social media and any other promotion channels that are popular in your area. Host themed events for your target audience (brunches, trunk shows, presentations), participate in regional and national projects and attract public figures and influencers creating additional value for your wedding salon.

Another common mistake is unreasonable pricing. It can be either overpriced or rather wide range of prices for the assortment presented in the salon.

Tip: Carefully study the prices of competitors and the requests of potential consumers before setting prices.

And the last but not the least, lack of service. We believe that the overall impression is always made up of details. They play a decisive role. Service during fitting, availability of convenient forms of payment, additional after-sales services (for example, wedding dress preservation restoration and cleaning), the presence of branded packaging and other pleasant little things always add value.

Tip: Think about what, apart from the main options you provide, makes you unique, what additional services you can offer your brides.